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How Much cost of modular kitchen in Jaipur ?
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Prices are varies on brand, style, material used and specially its size etc. But according to the experts only 2 factors are most important.



1. Material

2. Size

Lets talk on the types materials used in the modular kitchen.

There are several types of modular kitchen materials.

(a) Wood :- Mostly peoples uses the wood for manufacturing modular kitchen's. Because it is easy to give the any shape to the wood. Wood removes the chances of serious accident.


(b) Plywood : - Another material for the modular kitchen is plywood, because of its strength this material is proffered by most of the peoples.This is also known as moisture resistant.

(c) MDF ( Medium Density Fiber board) :- It is developed by small wooden fibers glued. This is price wise very good.


These are top 3 types of materials.


Rest of are like Glass, PU, Membrane, Acrylic, Laminate 

If we talking about Size then according to the materials size prices are varies.

short size pays less than bigger size.

Still do you want to know the best price of a modular kitchen in Jaipur. Then you must visit the ikka kitchen, having years of experience, they are best. They will charge 600 INR per square foot in Jaipur for a normal modular kitchen.

They are dealing in


  • Imported modular kitchen
  • German kitchen or furniture
  • Italian kitchen in Jaipur
  • Interior in Jaipur



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