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How to fix Windows 7 Black Screen with cursor?
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Jan 17 2023, 7:09 am - par lucyhale

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I want to share with you, dear users, one of the many ways to restore the operating system after the "black screen of death" occurs when the OS boots. www.office.com/myaccount

After the initial examination of the “patient”, it turned out that when the operating system (Windows 7 x64) was loaded, a screen was displayed with the inscription “please wait” and then a black screen with a mouse cursor.

The cursor can be moved around the monitor screen in arbitrary directions, and that's where the fun ends. THE TASK MANAGER does not start, THE REGISTRY too, so the ctrl + shift + esc and ctrl + alt + del key combination method does not work. Simulating a sticky shift key didn't bring me good news either.

Because on this PC, “strategically important software” was installed, plus all sorts of registries, tables and reports, then reinstalling the OS was also not considered. Moreover, at the stage of system boot, two more cunning programs worked, namely VipNet Client (which provided secure VPN tunnelling) and DallasLock (a remedy for NSD).

I’ll make a reservation right away that the method of restoring the system using WinLiveCD, DR.WEB LIVE CD and Kaspersky Live CD did not bring results, all branches in the registry were in order, no viruses were found either.

I had to try to RESTORE WINDOWS using windows itself. So, after loading BIOS, press the F8 key and click on troubleshooting, then the system gives us a list of ways by which you can restore the "sick" Windows.

I've tried everything from boot troubleshooting to testing for RAM errors. Restoring using a backup point did nothing.

And here is the last way to restore using the command line. Having launched the COMMAND LINE, we observe the inscription x: windowssystem32 (you may see a different drive letter). www.office.com/setup

Now we need to calculate the system disk, go to drive C (command c:), the console will display c:>, enter the DIR command and look at the contents of the disk. We perform this operation with disks D, E, F, etc. We need a drive that contains the Windows folder. Going to the system drive (in my case it is D:>), we immediately write the chkdsk / f / r command (to check the disk and repair bad sectors). After checking, run sfc /scannow(I got a message that the integrity check could not be completed, you need to restart the computer and run the sfc command again). But we are not looking for easy ways and run the following command:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d: /offwindir=d:windows (running a file integrity check ignoring the download directory and the windows folder).

After the check is completed, exit the command line console with the exit command.

And click the reload button. After the reboot, select the item "Normal boot Windows" and voila, the system started without a black screen.

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