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Seeking firsthand feedback on debt consolidation
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Jan 23 2023, 3:07 pm - par Sickforthesun

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Hey guys, I’m drowning in debts (cards, bnpl, utilities due etc etc). Its nearly 15-20k approximately, I tried a lot to fix it but now it seems like I’ve hit the wall. Do you guys have any firsthand experience/knowledge of debt consolidation? How bad is it going to be in terms of my future credit (I have done my googling, want to know what happens for real), renting and anything else that can screw me up that I’m not aware of?

Jan 23 2023, 4:11 pm - Répondu par: kavunio

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In order to repay the debt to the borrower on time, before taking a loan, you need to calculate the solvency of your company. You also need to work on improving your creditworthiness, you can find a loan even if other providers may refuse you. I found a reliable loan service after reading a review on the site about remedy lending network, it has an excellent rating and quickly finds loans for clients.

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